Ontario collaborative established on antimicrobial resistance

July 12, 2018

College Registrar and Chief Executive Officer Jan Robinson shares information on the work of the Ontario Veterinary Leadership Collaborative on Antimicrobial Resistance and the College’s commitment to supporting veterinarians in responding to this public health crisis.

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College resources on Antimicrobial Stewardship


Modernization of the Veterinarians Act - An Update

April 16, 2018

The College of Veterinarians of Ontario and the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians have presented the provincial government with 19 proposed recommendations for modernizing the Veterinarians Act. Jan Robinson, Registrar and Chief Executive Officer with the College; Dr. Steven Jacobs, President of the College; and Registered Veterinary Technician Damon Thompson, President of the OAVT, discuss the recommendations and the ongoing work to modernize the legislation.

Helpful Links:

Achieving a Modern Approach to the Regulation of Veterinary Medicine in Ontario

Summary Report on the Final Legislative Reform Consultation

Submission to the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs


College Council focuses on Animal Welfare Agenda

April 3, 2018

Animal welfare, inclusive of harm reduction and the relief of suffering, is central to the practice of veterinary medicine. As part of Strategy 2020, the College Council has set an ambitious three-year animal welfare agenda. College Registrar and CEO Jan Robinson is joined by Vice-President Dr. Patricia Lechten to discuss this agenda and veterinarians' commitment to animal welfare.

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Animal Welfare Agenda: https://cvo.org/About-CVO/CVO-Priorities/Animal-Welfare-Agenda-2017-2020.aspx


Value of Veterinary Facility Accreditation

November 2, 2017

Associate Registrar, Quality Practice, Dr. Kim Lambert, and Principal, Accreditation Aneeta Bharij discuss the facility accreditation process and the new proposed model for accreditation. Veterinarians in Ontario must practise from an accredited veterinary facility which ensures all veterinary facilities provide a professional environment and contain the essential equipment required for patient care. Veterinary facilities are inspected for specific equipment requirements; proper patient records; safe drug storage; a medical reference library; and orderly and sanitary premises.

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Proposed Facility Accreditation Model: https://cvo.org/CVO/media/College-of-Veterinarians-of-Ontario/Public%20Consultations/ProposedFacilityAccreditationModel.pdf?ext=.pdf



Veterinary medicine and disease prevention and surveillance

September 25, 2017

Join College Registrar and CEO, Jan Robinson as she shares information on how veterinary medicine supports disease prevention and public health. Jan is joined by special guest Dr. Melanie Barham from the Ontario Animal Health Network (OAHN)! Veterinarians play an integral role in public health and in the future of global health. Veterinarians across Ontario share information on diseases through OAHN. Tune in to this fascinating conversation about current trends linking veterinary medicine and public health.

Helpful Links

One Health
What is One Health?
One Health Reference Materials
Your Veterinarian Your Health


Serving on College Council

September 20, 2017

Serving on Council is an opportunity to play a leadership role in veterinary regulation. Tune in to this podcast to learn more about the role, the responsibilities and the rewards of serving on Council. College Registrar and CEO Jan Robinson sat down to chat with Dr. Elizabeth Saul, who is currently completing a six year term. Dr. Saul discusses the highlights of her experience and shares her thoughts for those who may be seeking election in the future. This podcast will take you behind the scenes to learn about serving the veterinary profession in Ontario from the Council table!


Legislative Reform Consultation

August 8, 2017

Tune in to the College’s podcast which presents the proposal for bringing a modern approach to the Veterinarians Act! Join College Registrar and CEO, Jan Robinson and College Council President, Dr. Marc Marin as they explain several of the key points to the legislative reform consultation. They discuss proposed concepts including redefining the scope of practice of veterinary medicine, acknowledging the value in animal owners’ direct access to certain health care activities, increasing the information on the Public Register, and introducing a mandatory quality assurance program for veterinarians. Review the information and make time to visit the College’s website to provide feedback on this significant consultation which is open until October 20, 2017. 


Professionalism in Veterinary Advertising

July 26, 2017

Veterinarians are expected to maintain professionalism in all aspects their practices, including the advertising and marketing of the business and its services. In serving the public interest, the College, like other regulated professions, ensures that the public is protected from false, misleading or deceptive information in marketing by its licensed members. The College also ensures that marketing by veterinarians is consistent with the duties, integrity, and dignity of the profession. Associate Registrar, Licensure, Shilo Tooze and Practice Advisor, Dr. Susan Sabatini, review what you need to know with regards to advertising and professionalism in veterinary advertising!

Helpful College Links:

Professionalism in Advertising

FAQ's - Professionalism in Advertising

Guidance on the Use of Social Media


Professional Practice Standard: Advertising


Managing Controlled Substances in Your Practice

July 5, 2017

Join College Registrar and CEO, Jan Robinson and College Practice Advisor, Dr. Susan Sabatini to learn about veterinarians’ responsibilities regarding controlled substances. For more information, please visit the College’s website.

Useful Resources: 

Veterinary Prescribing and Dispensing

Who is in control of your controlled substances?

Tips for Conducting a Weekly Audit of Controlled Drugs at your Facility

Patch-for-Patch Fentanyl Fact sheet


The Peer Advisory Conversation

April 18, 2017

Join Jan Robinson, Registrar and Chief Executive Officer and Dr. Kim Lambert, Associate Registrar, Quality Practice, both from the College of Veterinarians of Ontario, as they discuss the pilot phase of the College’s Peer Advisory Conversation. The Peer Advisory Conversation provides a positive learning experience for veterinarians. Through conversation, veterinarians will find support in their efforts to deliver quality care and service. Listen to the podcast to learn more about how the specific Peer Advisory Conversation tools support the veterinary profession in continuous quality improvement. Further information is available on the College’s website for more information: cvo.org/PAC