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Professionalism in Veterinary Advertising

July 26, 2017

Veterinarians are expected to maintain professionalism in all aspects their practices, including the advertising and marketing of the business and its services. In serving the public interest, the College, like other regulated professions, ensures that the public is protected from false, misleading or deceptive information in marketing by its licensed members. The College also ensures that marketing by veterinarians is consistent with the duties, integrity, and dignity of the profession. Associate Registrar, Licensure, Shilo Tooze and Practice Advisor, Dr. Susan Sabatini, review what you need to know with regards to advertising and professionalism in veterinary advertising!

Helpful College Links:

Professionalism in Advertising

FAQ's - Professionalism in Advertising

Guidance on the Use of Social Media


Professional Practice Standard: Advertising

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